Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Endeavour, Success & Holi

Endeavour has been the mean for survival since traces of oxygen were imbibing life. From, oxygen to  water to grass to stone to iron to gold to industries to IT the mean remains the same "endeavour", however end "success" differs. While NASA is preparing for laboratory on Mars for Man-Mission & even found co-Earth planet Kepler-6b whereas million in other corner of Earth "such as Uttar Pradesh" do not have lavoratory. Perhaps, it is the "gradient of equity" which differs the success of IT from that of Oxygen. Introspection of prioritising between softening the gradient by MGNREGA of UPA or further deepening by Make in India of NDA, will result that the Buddha's Middle Path is optimum. Unlike, Industrial,  IT  Revolution has the capacity to succeed by swiftly bringing out billions out of poverty unnerving Rangarajan report however it may also steepens the curve for few left out.

How will the concept of Iron Age can survive in IT world ? Holi is concept of Iron age, attempting to measure its success in IT world will force many attributes in action such as spirituality, customs, religion. Integrating & lensing it through dimension of gradient of equity or "success" will link it with our contemporary life. For many tribal community in Andaman is still unknown, for some Holi  is happiest moment in year like "Vrindavan Widows"; some are marred in prejudice of "Yeh tera yeh mera"; for some "mauka-mauka" for celebration  & weaving broken relation and for IT folks excuse to get back to social media. Each success measured are interwoven with excuses,"perhaps" justifying individualism.  It is this individualism which satisfies our generation on platforms provided by social media giants allowing them to stamp trillions. So the Gradient of Success is nothing but the Satisfaction which differ with time, opportunity and life.
                                                                                                                  --- Happy Holi

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Trekking the Treacherous Time

With recurring failed attempts to achieve my goals, no friends or amusement around and chronic IBS, I'm losing hope to do my Karma. I have never ever given a thought of being at this stage  thus had no contingency plans. I'm losing my strongest weapon Time, with my mind having no control over it. Since decade, I felt myself very strong and had plans to change my life but suddenly all changed. I'm now looking for excuses to hide my loses & not do what I'm suppose to. I was the man who forced himself to utilise seconds but now days are slipping. I'm not able to express myself anywhere to anyone, the dark room within 4 walls has become my world & image on macbook my identity. Vicious cycle of thought is moving into infinity every-time I'm trying to get hold of it. All source of inspiration from Bhagwad Geeta to Sandeep Maheshwari or TedTalk only able to help me temporarily. This is the first time, I experienced that even relentless efforts could bare no fruits however being naive is my new excuse. With access to storm of success & failure stories from LIGO to Rahul Gandhi, from Obama to Kohli, from Wall Street to Kailash Satyarti, from Oscar to Sunny in this digital age, has stopped buzzing me.
                The question is I'm I going to work like never before or faint in my own infinity ?